From Little League to Ivy League

Racing to Success

(for groups only)

College admission, grants and scholarships

The application process for top colleges is grueling for both parents and students. Racing to Success is designed to temper those concerns. College Preparation begins in the 6th grade, but the academic process starts as early as the 3rd grade.

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Get your gifted and talented child into a selective college and university

Call: Judith Owens-Lalude at 1-(502)-327-5056

Email: [email protected]


Sessions start at $69.00/hour

$59.00 per person for a two-hour group session-five or more

Discounts for larger groups

$40.00 per person for student seminars

Call for a free consultation

She works with individuals, families, and groups

Admissions to a Preferred College | Outstanding Scholarships | Super Grants

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  1. Is your child gifted and talented?
  2. Do you want your child on the aggressive academic track?
  3. Is your Child starting to slack off in school?
  4. Is your child losing interest in school?
  5. Are your child’s grades slipping?

If your answers is YES to any of these questions, Judith C. Owens-Lalude is the person who you need to contact. She understands how the educational systems work and can help your child get to his or her TOP academic level and onto the IVY LEAGUES.

Call: Judith Owens-Lalude at 1-(502)-327-5056

Email: [email protected]

Judith C. Owens-Lalude can help your child to …

  1. Acquire outstanding scholarships
  2. Complete the college application
  3. Enroll in summer enrichment programs
  4. Start college after the sophomore year of high school
  5. Graduate high school with 60 hours of college credit
  6. Prepare early for college interviews
  7. Qualify for the top scholastic awards
  8. Select the right classes and enrichment programs
  9. Write an impressive essay
  10. Make the admission’s lists for the top colleges and/or universities

Every student that she has worked with has excelled – yours will too!

Call: Judith Owens-Lalude at 1-(502)-327-5056

Email: [email protected]

The Organizer is available for purchase

It contains: checklists, guidelines, and helpful hints. It is designed to collate information requested on applications from colleges and scholarship providers – group rates are available.

The ORGANIZER is a manual designed to show parents and students how to collate information requested, on applications, from selective colleges and scholarship providers.

Please go to Anike Press to purchase

Book a semiar for your group, school or organization today

Private counseling is available

Call: Judith Owens-Lalude at 1-(502)-327-5056

Email: [email protected]

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Workshops for Student Groups


60-minute seminar

… designed for teens to help them understand the importance of making the right choices at the right time – ensuring college admission, scholarships, and grants.

Suitable for 8th and 9th graders

Cost: $30.00 per student, group rates available


60-minute seminar

… designed for High School Students wanting to get into the best possible colleges and universities. It helps them to:

  1. Create a personal life storyboard
  2. Complete complicated admission applications
  3. Gain admission to one of their top pick colleges and universities


Suitable for high school students

Cost: $30.00 per student, group rates available

Write with PUNCH

90-minute workshop

A fun way to learn grammar and the basic Elements of Writing to produce standout papers, while raising Language Arts grades. This workshop can improve essay writing, impromptu writing, college admission essays, and thesis papers.

Suitable for 8th, 9th, and 10th graders and students who want to review grammar and the elements of writing.

Cost: $40.00 per student


Call: Judith Owens-Lalude at 1-(502)-327-5056

Email: [email protected]


Attending your high school prom

Graduate with your high school class

Start college with 60 college credit hours

You’ve Got the Write One

University of Louisville

Summer Portfolio Institute

July, 2013

4th grade to 8th grade


The Summer Portfolio Institute serves as an enrichment program focusing on mathematics, writing and technology. The Institute is comprised of Mathematics and English teachers who teach students in grades K-12. In order to prepare the teachers to work within an integrated environment, a team of teacher leaders meets for two months prior to the Institute to develop activities that will introduce participants to the content and expectations for mathematics, writing, and technology.

Three days prior to the Institute teachers meet to participate in activities designed by the leaders and to develop specific curriculum for their classes. During the one week institute, students entering grades four through eight work with teams of teachers and resource personnel integrating writing, mathematics and technology for production of pieces for an Institute portfolio. Students will also participate in other writing and mathematics learning activities and enjoy snacks and recreation with other students. At the end of the week, students showcase their work for parents and other interested adults at an open house.

The first Summer Portfolio Institute was held in 1995. Under the direction of Dr. Karen Karp, the Department of Early Childhood and Elementary Education, and Dr. E. Todd Brown, the Institute has continued to grow with each passing year. If you would like additional information on the Summer Portfolio Institute, feel free to contact E. Todd Brown at (502) 852-8978 or Paula Gordon at (502) 852-6431.

This project is funded locally by the Pepsi-Cola General Bottlers, Inc.

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