Antebellum Slavery in Kentucky

Antebellum Slavery in KY

Program goals – increase the awareness of antebellum enslavement in Kentucky and Southern Indiana and its impact on Africans and African Americans during the mid 1800’s.
  1. Author symposiums:
    • Create a publishable story
    • Elements of a good story
    • Genealogy and documentation
    • Readings and lecture
    • Research and the facts
    • Storytelling
  2. Freedom Quilt: A free verse storytelling, created and passed from one enslaved daughter to another
  3. The making of the Freedom Quilt: fabric art show-and-tell – short DVD
  4. Genealogical Search: Lecture with 30-minute DVD: In Search of My Ancestors from Kentucky to the Nigerian Slave Market, and back to Kentucky
  5. Kentucky Hemp Farming: the history of hemp farming in Kentucky
  6. Slave Life on the Plantation: discussion using pictures, period props, and storytelling
  7. Teacher’s Professional Training: Teaching the history of slaver
  8. Underground Railroad Tour: Northern Kentucky and Southern Indiana – 1-5 days
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